With over 3.4 million people now diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in England, many healthcare providers are committing to reducing the number of patients developing the disease by implementing behaviour change pathways such as NHS England’s Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP).

Identification and ongoing monitoring of this patient cohort is a barrier to success – bringing huge operational challenges, administrative burden and cost, as well as the risk of eligible patients being missed.

PreventDiabetes+ automatically identifies and presents patients considered at risk of diabetes according to a list of programmed rules.  This gives GPs the information they need when they need it to proactively determine the next course of action, from weight management to smoking cessation.

Our PreventDiabetes+ module:

  • Improves the speed, accuracy and ease of identifying patients at risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Improves GPs ability to prevent diabetes through early intervention
  • Improves patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Supports the delivery of national programmes such as the NHS DPP
  • Creates financial and administrative efficiencies that can be reinvested into patient care initiatives.
  • Helps healthcare providers reduce the large costs associated with Type 2 diabetes – currently standing at £8.8 billion a year